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LBP Iris Recognition

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Requirements: Matlab, Matlab Image Processing Toolbox.

The local binary pattern (LBP) operator is defined as a gray-scale invariant texture measure, derived from a general definition of texture in a local neighborhood. Through its recent extensions, the LBP operator has been made into a really powerful measure of image texture, showing excellent results in many empirical studies. The LBP operator can be seen as a unifying approach to the traditionally divergent statistical and structural models of texture analysis. Perhaps the most important property of the LBP operator in real-world applications is its invariance against monotonic gray level changes. Another equally important is its computational simplicity, which makes it possible to analyze images in challenging real-time settings. The LBP method and its variants have already been used in a large number of applications all over the world. The LBP is a non-parametric kernel which summarizes the local spacial structure of an image. Moreover, it is invariant to monotonic gray-scale transformations, hence the LBP representation may be less sensitive to changes in illumination. This is a very interesting property in iris recognition. Iris-based personal identification has attracted much attention in recent years. Almost all the state-of-the-art iris recognition algorithms are based on statistical classifier and local image features, which are noise sensitive and hardly to deliver perfect recognition performance. We have developed a novel iris recognition method, using the histogram of local binary pattern for global iris texture representation and classification.

Index Terms: Matlab, source, code, iris, recognition, segmentation, detection, verification, matching, lbp, local, binary, pattern, histogram.

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